Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

A failure

... at least temporarily !

Yesterday I finally started machine-quilting this . I decided to make wavy lines through the centers of the squares all along the quilt so it would end as a sort of a grid. The tension was good, the waves wheren't bad either, but when I turned the quilt after the first wave I thought, oh, it's a bit sloppy pin basted. I feared to get wrinkles and after quilting some more lines , I was right... big sigh...
Now I have to unrip all the quilting, remove the pins and start all over again....Maybe next weekend...

Which gives me time to continue with this project, maybe I get the 'g' done ;-)



  1. Basting is my least favourite part of quiltmaking and now you have to do it twice! too bad.
    I saw your star quilt at Unruly quilting and I was wondering why your words are in English and not German? great quilt.

  2. I might have a melt down. It's a beautiful quilt and I hope you have the stamina to unrip, repin, and sew -- again. Your Starry Night quilt is gorgeous.

  3. A failure is a lesson learnt. Put on some good music and the basting will go faster. It will be worth it as this is a beautiful quilt!


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