Montag, 2. April 2012

WIPs and PIPs

I'm still trying to finish some projects and have been successful in some small ones.

3 years ago I got a Featherweight for my birthday . We didn't have a good start together, actually after some sewing time I had to bring her to inspection, because I managed to make a big mess in the bobbin case.
Then I hadn't the courage again to practice with her until 3 weeks ago, when my Pfaff was away for a much needed service time. So I tried again with the FW and all went well. I even pieced her a protection pad, a cover and a drawstring bag, which parts had been prepared now for all those 3 years ;-)

And I pieced with her this block:

More finishes coming soon ;-)



  1. Nice accessories for the FW. do you have the black case for it? I have one two, and sometimes it can be a bit touchy, if I don't use the right thread. It doesn't like Aurifil.

  2. I'm so happy your and your featherweight are friends now. You pieces a beautiful block together.


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