Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Bamboo garden

This top is called bamboo garden and it's all  Rachael's fault ;-), because she commented on the centerpiece that  it would look like a bamboo forest. 

Yesterday  I pieced another block for my free piecing study quilt:

She turned out a little big, 9" x 17", maybe I'll have to make a smaller one for the quilt.
But I like her anyway ;-)

And I'm very happy that my liberated 9-patch made it into the July Online Quilt Auction



  1. Your tall girl is delightful and Bamboo garden is very peaceful.

  2. Well, It Does look like a bamboo garden!! And it's beautiful! The border fabric is perfect!! I love your lady!! I'm hoping to make lots of ladies like this to hold hands around the house quilt. They wont be as fabulous as yours though , I'm impressed she's wearing a hat and has pretty shoes!! I popped over and saw your auction quilt. I love that quilt!! My friend Sujata of The Root Connection blog made the yellow with blue square quilt.


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