Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Old wallhangings

In our house don't hang that much quilts, in total 4 I think. The first one greets  you in our staircase when you enter the house. This one is changed according to the season... or so ;-)
When I made the first batch of season wallhangings I made spring, summer, fall, winter and christmas.
But in those more than 14 years of quilting, I made new versions of spring, summer .
As I didn't know what to do with the old ones, I asked for help in the German group Quilt-Sterne and one woman answered she would be happy to have them for kids in wheelchairs to use them for field trips.
I happily included autumn too and sent 3 quilts away:

They are now used in the break room where the kids rest. Now this is much better than getting dusty in the attic !

But this means I need a new fall quilt ;-)



  1. What a thoughtful way to pass along your quilts. I'm sure they'll get terrific use and they're really pretty too.

  2. Your quilts are beautiful. Its such a good idea to change your quilts with the seasons. Do you have an idea for your Fall quilt?

  3. They are gorgeous. So pleased they're bringing happiness to someone.


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