Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012


Though the weather hasn't been acting much like summer... until yesterday... we had a lot of summer activities like a short trip to another country. We've been to Milan, Italy and made a stop at the Lago Maggiore on our way back . 
Last weekend we've visited a castle in our region, other weekends were spent in winerys, tasting wine ;-)

So no big finishes here, sewing wise.
Just 2 blocks ( I changed the setting of the triangles in the first block, because this way it fitted better to my fabric choices and I was too lazy to resew the units )

 and another little AAQI quilt. It's crooked... I hope they accept crooked ones....



  1. Milan sounds fun, especially the winery part :). Wonderful blocks and I love your new AAQI quilt, crooked adds character!!

  2. Love your little 'crooked' quilt, Heidi. Crooked is just another word for wonky and that is such liberated quilting fun. Love it!


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