Montag, 27. August 2012

Friends, again

Last week a lovely parcel from Rachael arrived and to my biggest surprise not only one house block showed up, but three !!!

She included a lot of  dragonflies, because the name of my blog means dragonfly quilts. And of course there are daisy's too :-)) Again, thank you so much, Rachael.
AND... she included purple fabrics too, because I lamented about my purple stash :-)

Me, I'm occupied with swirling....


Samstag, 11. August 2012


After a few days on the wall I simply had to correct the position of the arms of the tall girl, so now it looks like this

A few more days later, I couldn't stand that she looked so lonely, so this happened :

Now here they are :

Somehow this looks like the start of a new quilt  ( big sigh )