Montag, 19. November 2012

Quilting program interrupted

for some placemats ! Ok, a little quilting was involved there, too ;-)

They will travel to Virginia, so I had to finish them early enough for their long journey. Hopefully they arrive on time for Christmas.

And I managed to sew the 3rd block of Anita's Random Sampler QAL, I really like this block.


Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Quilting and quilting

So I'm still handquilting the stars of Starry Starry night, but there are only a few left, a few letters and a few sashing squares have to be quilted too, but the end is in sight :-)

Here's a close up of  some stars

Then I basted 'Herbst' and started machine quilting it. Herbst means fall and and the season is perfect for quilting fall ;-)

In the middle of the blocks I'm quilting a sort of petal pattern and this was my first try for the background fabric:

It took me only 3 blocks until I realized, that I didn't like it ;-)

Then I tried this ...

 Much better, I think . But unpicking the already quilted areas is a pain, because the thread is very fine and I have spots where I quilted continuously, so I have to unpick to a certain point and then I have to bury the nearly broken thread :-(  But it's nearly done  now .

Another photo

So I'm hand- and machine quilting nearly simultaneously ;-)