Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Quilting and quilting

So I'm still handquilting the stars of Starry Starry night, but there are only a few left, a few letters and a few sashing squares have to be quilted too, but the end is in sight :-)

Here's a close up of  some stars

Then I basted 'Herbst' and started machine quilting it. Herbst means fall and and the season is perfect for quilting fall ;-)

In the middle of the blocks I'm quilting a sort of petal pattern and this was my first try for the background fabric:

It took me only 3 blocks until I realized, that I didn't like it ;-)

Then I tried this ...

 Much better, I think . But unpicking the already quilted areas is a pain, because the thread is very fine and I have spots where I quilted continuously, so I have to unpick to a certain point and then I have to bury the nearly broken thread :-(  But it's nearly done  now .

Another photo

So I'm hand- and machine quilting nearly simultaneously ;-)



  1. Love those fall colors. They look modern and fresh. Sorry about the unpicking.

  2. Good on you for quilting , both hand and machine. At least you realised you didn't like the quilting after a couple of blocks and not when you'd sewn the whole quilt. It'll be worth it when it's finished! Enjoy your stitches.

  3. Your quilts are so pretty. I'm already in love with your handquilted project.


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