Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

Starry Starry Night

One of my 2 quilting WIPs is now finished and already in good use. It's quite cold here .

The stars are the result of several swaps in R.C.T.Q , which was a lot of fun . And I really love all the different types of stars and fabrics.

For the sashing and border I used leftovers, so there are several shades of blue and black in there.

The stars are surrounded by simple meandering, but in the border are swirls as a kind of reference to the painting 'Starry starry night' by Vincent van Gogh. The name of the swap was 'Starry starry night' too :-)
And it reminds me of the wonderful song by Don McLean with the same name.
All the stars are quilted in the ditch by hand.

Here are the names of the quilters who contributed to this:

Johanna Koski, finland
Janet Nelson, Florida, USA
Karen, Queen of Squishies USA
Kay Ahr, Nevada USA
Mary Dorchak, Oregon USA
Sally Swindells, Suffolk UK
Lizzy Taylor, UK
Alison McDonald, Ontario, Canada
Jessamy Thompson, Netherlands
Jennifer Kinney, Washington USA
Kate Dicey, Kent, UK
Cappy Phillips, MD, USA
Ursula Urban, Vienna, Austria
Roberta in Munich, Germany
Mary O_Neill, Arizona, USA
Denny Zech, Indiana, USA

and me ;-)



  1. A wonderful starry quilt! And amazing that you kept all of the names of the block makers...you must be very organized!

  2. This quilt twinkles in so many ways! sehr schoen!

  3. Stunning. My daughter's favorite painting and I also love the Don McLean song. What an amazing finish.

  4. Congratulations on finishing Starry Starry Night!! Its wonderful!! I love that so many people contributed, it makes it even more special.

  5. What a fabulous quilt to have finished! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Very nice, a joy to look at. I like all the different kinds of stars, that makes this quilt very special!

  7. Congratulations! I see at least one of mine there!

  8. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt! Love the colors and how all the pretty stars gather together...

    ; )

  9. Super quilt . The variety of stars and fabric make it so much to look at. And so appropriate for this time of year, when the skies are likely to be filled with stars on a crisp cold night. But now one does not have to go outside to see them, one may be swaddled in them instead! Congratulations.

  10. Hi Heidi, I have just "rediscovered" my envelope of stars from the same swaps and will take the blocks to quilt camp next week to make into a quilt top. It has only taken about 10 years! Lizzy Taylor


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