Montag, 18. September 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Zigzag quilt

It started with Sujatah's Painted Zigzag . I like triangles and I like scrapquilts, a perfect combination, I think  :-) The yellow Philip Jacob dahlia fabric was the color scheme for my version .

I joined my first online bee about at the same time and so I thought it would be a perfect block to be sewn by my bee-mates. And I got beautiful blocks back, but somehow I didn't like my initial plan any more , now I wanted to have a sort of color gradient. 

This was the next try to build the top, and then I finally realized that I should have a design wall for this kind of quilt. As I don't have the space for one, I pinned the blocks to a sheet and unrolled it, every time I worked on the top.

The quilt was started in 2014 and I worked on it every now and then. Here's a photo of the result of our bee retreat ( my second bee )  2016 , I completed a lot of blocks and many HST's.

In spring 2016 I finally finished the top and brought it to this years retreat and asked for quilting advice.
Martina and Iva made a great suggestion, but in the end at home I decided to quilt a simple grid following the zig zag lines.

And although I'm not completely happy with it, I'm happy it's finished and I learned alot during its making.

And I'm very happy I have a completed quilt for Blogger's Quilt Festival  :-))

Machine pieced and quilted
57 x 79 "
145 x 200 cm



  1. That backing fabric is gorgeous! Beautiful quilt.

  2. Hi Heidi! Your quilt is so happy with full of sunshine! Just gorgeus! x Teje

  3. Beautiful! I often am "happy it's finished" too! I always find myself saying "finished is better than perfect!"

  4. I think it is beautiful - and what a perfect photo spot! (and many of us can always find things we would change in our finished quilts - you are not alone!).

  5. I think your quilt is beautiful! It's so modern looking with those zig zags or chevrons. Gorgeous picture of the quilt on the bench with the sky and the road. Lovely.

  6. I think your quilt has worked very well. It is so cheerful and reminds me of sunshine!

  7. This is very fun and cheerful, I really like the yellows.

  8. your quilt is a breath of sunshine...what fun

  9. Das ist ein schöner, fröhlicher, gelber Quilt geworden!

  10. This is a beautiful finish. The backing is so cozy looking. I have attempted the zig zag and always go with a different layout. I may need to try again.

  11. Ich will jetzt auch einen gelben Quilt machen! Einfach sonnig und wunderschön!


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